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1  Angels Flow – Anthony Ritchie
2  Introduction & Scherzo – Graeme Downes
3  The Sleeping Keeper – Claire Cowan
4  Valse Oubilee – Ross Carey
5  Moto Mojo – Mark Smythe
6  The Harp Song – Lyell Cresswell
7  Capricorn 1: Pluto in terra – Pepe Becker
8  Cicadas – Gillian Whitehead
9  Strata – Chris Adams
10  Frozen Landscapes 1 – Gareth Farr
New Zealand harp music
Ten NZ composers were commissioned by Helen Webby to write short works for harp, and premiered at the 2012 Otago Festival of the Arts. This CD is the first anthology of NZ harp music, and is a gateway in to the fascinating sound world of New Zealand's Art composers: Chris Adams, Pepe Becker, Ross Carey, Claire Cowan, Lyell Cresswell, Graeme Downes, Gareth Farr, Anthony Ritchie, Mark Smythe & Gillian Whitehead.

CD Review (New Zealand Harp Society Journal): Contemporary music is perhaps the most difficult genre to play as a harpist - there is no ‘Harp composition for Dummies’ manual to help composers write for an instrument that already makes huge demands on the player. The Russian harpist Tatiana Tauer once told me that anyone can play notes, but not everyone can make music. Yet make music is what Helen Webby does on her latest album ‘Pluck’. In collaboration with New Zealand composers, Helen has put together a mellifluous journey through different styles, colours and musical textures. Webby clearly demonstrates her understanding of contemporary music and her interpretation breathes life and meaning into the scores. Her even playing, rich tone and mastery of not one but three types of harp make the album an ‘easy listen’. Pepe Becker, voice, expertly joins Helen on a couple of tracks; I would love to hear her sing works by Benjamin Britten.

‘Pluck’ …. a ‘must have’ for the contemporary music buff, an album definitely worth adding to the collection for the rest of us!

Brynmor Williams.

Read about the composers featured on Pluck

'This flute/harp repertoire has utter taste. It has an elegance and detail that
demands listening. Recommended as the year's dinner-by-candlelight CD'
Ian Dando New Zealand Listener.
When we are ‘lost’ in thought, we are in a reverie, a state of consciousness
in which we dream about other worldly experiences and our deepest wishes
and desires.
We chose this collection of pieces for their evocative soundscapes that lift
you out of daily life into a sensuous romantic world of dreams and imagination.
Relax, enjoy and dream.
The garden of Adonis Suite for Flute and Harp Op 245      Alan Havhaness (1911-2000)
1 Largo
2 Allegro
3 Adagio
4 Allegro
5 Grave
6 Allegretto
7 Andante molto expressivo

Jacques Ibert (1890-962)
8 Entr'acte

Histoire du Tango for Flute and Harp      Astor Piazolla (1921-1992)
9 Bordel 1900
10 Café 1930
11 Nightclub 1960

Gabriel Fauré (1845-1924)
12 Berceuse

Suite for Flute and Harp Dorothea Franchi      Dorothea Franchi (1920-2003)
13 Prelude
14 Melody
15 Dance

Charles Gounod (1818-1893)
16 Meditation sur le premier Prélude de Bach

Claude Debussy (1862-1918)
17 Reverie

The Golden Strand - Helen Webby & Davy Stuart
1  The Good Natured Man/Tripping up the Stairs   
2  Fields of Gold   
3  The Marquis of Huntly's Snuff Mill/Glenlivet   
4  The Couldstone Waltz   
5  Lady Athenry   
6  Joseph on the Golden Strand   
7  The Polka Set   
8  The Countess Cathleen/Water Under the Keel   
9  Contempt for Fiddlers   
10  Port Patrick/Millbrae/Music in the Glen   
11  Rory Dall's Port   
12  The O'Connor Jigs   
13  The Mule Colt   
14  Kean O'Hara   
Celtic harp & guitar
14 tracks of celtic harp and guitar music old and new from Ireland Scotland, England and New Zealand

You can buy this CD HERE

Love's Nature - Pepe Becker Soprano & Helen Webby Harp

CD sales

John Lambert - A Song cycle on the birth of Jesus
Maurice Ravel - Chanson de la mariee (Song of the bride)
Andre Caplet - Doux fut le trait (Sweet is the dart)
Gabriel Faure - En Priere
Philip Cannon - Five Songs of Women   
Robert Schumann - Die Tochter Jephtas, Op.95 No.1
Robert Schumann - Requiem, Op.90 No.7
Helen Bowater - hoshi no hayashi
Gareth Farr - Still Sounds Lie
Helen Bowater - hihi for solo harp
Benjamin Britten - From Folk Song Arrangements
Harp and soprano

  Harp Lessons  

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